Organic Garden
Every child will be involved in horticulture science as they participate in plant production, cultivating, and harvesting of their own organic fruits and vegetables. The children study the variety of seasonal produce and work in the garden year round.

Butterfly Garden – All the stages of the butterfly’s life cycle are observed through the eyes of the children using binoculars and magnifying glasses in the butterfly habitat.

  • Tortoise Habitat – “Jiggy” the tortoise lives in his own habitat here at Children’s Village. The children gain knowledge about the special care “Jiggy” requires. Fresh produce and fresh clean water are supplied to him daily by the children at the center

  • Rhythm Garden – Children will embrace the musical sounds they create in the musical garden using tin drums, pots, pans, triangles, and guitars.

  • Artists in Nature – The children are encouraged to develop their artistic abilities while enjoying the outdoor nature gardens. Easels are arranged in order for shadows to be discovered by the young artists.

  • Composte – The children will participate in creating a center compost bin.